One of a kind ~ bridal photo shoot at Club Continental, Orange Park, Florida

Sometimes, in fact more often than not, being a photographer means you have to make something from nothing to get the shot. To me it is always an exciting challenge to make things work. It is how I stimulate my creativity, it is how I grow and keep things fun. I might not always “nail it”, but I am sure having fun trying.

Miki and I got in touch and wanted to put together a photo shoot. She was interested in bridal, but you really need a wedding dress to shoot bridal, right? Hm… where to find one? :)Miki will tell you all about it below.

Make up and hair: Miki Sarroca

Dress: Violeta Harrington


Miki says:

“The shoot in general with Violeta was amazing. She’s an absolute joy to be around and really knows how to make a girl bust a gut laughing! I had a real blast shooting with her and the process of getting to the actual shoot makes it even better! Let me tell you~

For a while now I’ve been interested in getting into bridal modeling. What girl doesn’t dream of wearing pretty dress, haha. I found Violeta on Facebook through a link (those are really handy) and sent her a message right away! After a while, we started talking and planning. Immediately I let her know about my desire to do bridal and she was open to the idea! When we started to actually plan, I found that it was really hard to get in contact with boutiques about letting us pull from the racks. What came next was the start of some real fun. She ended up suggesting that we make our own dress!

Originally, I was pretty hesitant since I know that last minute “throw-it-together” dresses don’t always work but I was willing to try it. I arrived at her door step 15 minutes early and the first thing I saw was a VERY large pile of cream colored tulle. Oh, and a wedding dress underskirt. I was hopeful but I wasn’t expecting too much. We worked together to put in elastic and cut the tulle up…and then the wrapping started.

She used most of the tulle to make a very full skirt. It was then that I really started to see it all come together! She tightly (I mean TIGHTLY) wrapped the remaining tulle around my upper half to give shape and VOILA! A DRESS WAS BORN. Of course there was quite a bit of tweaking and “hmm…no”-ing a long the way but at the end of it, it was a really beautiful “dress”.

Never again shall I doubt Violeta’s skills at creating a lovely dress out of a long piece of fabric! ”


Miki, thanks for being such a great sport and playing along! You wore that dress like a princess and truly made it appear more beautiful than it was. Looking forward to shooting together again!


shirleyFebruary 21, 2013 - 12:28 am

completely amazing….and gorgeous!! love the story behind the dress!!

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