Whitney and Ross ~ Engagement Photos in St. Augustine

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After a long hiatus from this blog, I have decided it was about time to make a comeback with a love story just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I could tell you many things about how I met Whitney, how I instantly loved her personality and about what a great guy Ross is, but I think it would be far more interesting for you to read how these high school sweethearts found true love.

Ross proposed to Whitney two years ago in St. Augustine, so it made perfect sense to have their engagement photos taken in the Oldest City, on their anniversary. Enjoy their photos, and then read their story.

“Our Story” according to Whitney

“It was my 9th grade year of high school when Ross and I met. Our school lockers were right next each others. I will never know why Ross was assigned a locker in the “9th graders” cluster as he was a “big-time 10th grader.” Even though we shared this space for some time we first formally met at a good friend’s house during our winter holiday break in 1999. At age 15, I never thought I would’ve met my future husband. Ross was the “popular” guy in high school, and I was proud to be “Lindsay’s little sister.” I didn’t have time for a boyfriend as I was always at gymnastics practice and competitions. Ross, however, refused to let that minor detail smolder our relationship. By New Years Eve of 2000, we officially became “boyfriend and girlfriend.” We continued to date for the rest of our high school days. Eventually the dreaded time came when it was time for Ross to leave for college.

Lunchtime was my favorite part of the day in high school as that was about the only time for me to spend with Ross. We always ate lunch together. So, on my first day of my senior high school year, I wasn’t looking forward to that lunch period without him. To my surprise, Ross showed up to school on his way out of town to begin his freshman year at the University of Florida. The lunch bell rang, and I recall such excitement when I spotted Ross sitting at a picnic table with my usual Subway salad and a gift. After school that day and with some tears, I opened the gift to find a Nora Jones CD and a letter hidden inside. That was the last lunch we ate together at St. Johns Country Day School. I still have this letter and am blasted to the past every time I hear a Norah Jones song.

Following my high school graduation Ross surprised me with a trip to Paris. We combed the city and saw many sites but I recall my favorite part of the trip being a visit to the Eiffel Tower. We stood under the stars and discussed our excitement over getting to spend our upcoming college years together. As a student athlete/sorority girl, our relationship was put to the test as Ross was found himself equally engaged in campus activities. Just when I thought I couldn’t have more on my plate another true love came into my life. On my 22nd birthday Ross and I sought out on an adventure. Upon a brief detour to the Jacksonville International Airport I was pleasantly surprised with a baby black large-pawed fur ball whom we’ve come to know and love as Brody or “bear”. For those of you who haven’t met Brody, he is my furry spoiled Berner too full of personality. There will never be a dull moment in my life with Ross, Aiden (our golden retriever) and Brody. The story goes on. College was incredible, and we both became proud Gator graduates in May 2008.

I was fortunate enough to stick around Gator Land for another two years where I pursued my graduate degree. Unfortunately, it was time for Ross to move on as he commissioned into the United States Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant. Ross moved to San Antonio, Texas where he began his Air Force career while I began my master’s degree at UF. Now it was time for a long distance relationship. We were no longer a drive away but now an airplane ride from each other. I visited Texas any chance I could and Ross came home for the holidays. I was so excited when Ross got his Navigator wings a year later and took a first assignment to Hurlburt Field Base located in Florida’s panhandle. We were both in Florida again!

Ross and I enjoyed the 2010 holiday season at home with our families. In college, it became tradition for us to spend New Year’s Eve in St. Augustine, FL. As we carried out that tradition, Ross threw me for the biggest surprise of my life. Following a delicious dinner at The Tasting Room, we walked around downtown St. Augustine until Ross suddenly stalled. I could not believe what was happening as he got down on one knee in the middle of King Street and asked me to marry him on the night of December 27, 2010. I will never ever forget that night as long as I live.  My dad was the first person I called to share the news and before I could even speak he answered the phone with “I’ve been waiting up for this call.” I will never know how Ross and my dad pulled that one off! It was a special and unforgettable proposal. We celebrated at the beautiful Casa Monica Hotel and continued the celebration with family the following night at the Gypsy Cab Restaurant.

Ross deployed to Afghanistan 9 days later as I began preparing for the national board certification exam. I became a licensed and registered occupational therapist on February 25, 2011 and moved to Navarre, FL where I began my first job working with developmentally delayed pediatrics, as well as, with orthopedic hand injuries. I feel fortunate to have found this career as it brings me fulfillment every day and happiness especially when Ross is deployed and/or learning to fly.

Now here we are in Columbus, Mississippi while Ross completes pilot training. It’s been quite an adventure thus far. We are making the most of our time in Columbus, but we really can’t wait to find out where will be stationed next when he receives his Pilot Wings on April 5, 2013. Words cannot explain how proud I am of Ross. I’ve watched him become the most generous, ambitious, hardworking, courageous, fun-loving, and kind-hearted man. Life with Ross is too much fun and so sweet, and I could never imagine it without him. I am so excited for the wedding and to make all of this official. Ross is the love of my life and has been since I was 15 years old. We’ve stuck together in every sort of weather. And, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.”

You can also read “Our Story – according to Ross” at http://www.mywedding.com/rossandwhitney/index.html

Whitney and Ross, I cannot wait to photograph your wedding!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


CiupercutzaFebruary 14, 2013 - 3:43 am

What a nice couple and what a beautiful story they shared!
Not to mention the photos … They are splendid as usual :)

Happy Valentine’s day, my dear!

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