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Your future lies beneath your hat


Rocking the hat, flying an airplane, riding the four-wheeler, climbing a tree, finding “dinosaur eggs”, being goofy, being sweet, laughing, jumping, rocking the hat…

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Here is your opportunity to do something good today. Here is your chance to help someone win the battle with breast cancer. And you know what else you get to do? You can now get your family portraits that you have been putting off for so long!

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Getting published on cards

A few weeks ago I received one of the best emails a photographer could ever hope for. Jodee Stevens, founder and creative director of Cardthartic LLC, saw my work on my gallery and asked me if I would like to get some of my photos published on her cards. I was sitting at my […]

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The Toad

The Toad 3

My 2 year old son loves frogs and toads. One day my husband found a toad in his outdoor shoe. Next thing I know … the creature is jumping around in our living room :). Yeah… I was warned many times that having a boy means getting used to crazy things :).

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